From Behind

With her hubby
Out of town Christine was in the
Mood to play

Her kisses turned
Me on – her silken lips made my
Dick all the harder

The fight she put
Up made her surrender all that
Much the sweeter

This time she bade
Me to fuck her from behind just
Like a bitch in heat

While her hands
Gripped the edge of the table
Within Her kitchen

My hands held the
Ovals of her Tight little ass firmly
In place as her lips

Cried out Loud with
Each and every thrust of my cock
Into her love canal

The First One

It wasn’t all
That hard to seduce my son’s

For she wanted
To be guided by the hand of
An older man

Nor did it matter
To her that I was older then
Her own father

When I cut the
Twenty year old lass from the
Herd of guests

Led her into my
Bedroom where she lay within
My arms tween

The sheets let
Me pop her cherry – to be her
Very first lover

A Thousand Miles Away

On his phone
He watched me dominate his wife
Make her mine

A thousand
Miles away he listened to his wife
In real time

Beg me not
To stop fucking her cum inside her
To hump her

All the harder
To fertilize her womb – put a baby
Inside her oven

From the herd
Of walking dildo’s she’d chosen me
To please her

All alone her
Husband watched her submit obey
My commands

Listened as she
Sighed and moaned cried out Loud
With each and

Every thrust of
My rock hard dick – when it leaped
For joy spurted

She’d went away
To have some fun to be impregnated
By a strange man

To her husband’s
Bed she’d soon return with my child
Inside her womb


It wasn’t all that hard to convince the lovely maiden to let me have my way with her. All I had to do was reach out and take her by the hand and pull her into the shadows.

No one noticed as I led her away from the herd she was with, like a lamb to the shearers, to my van – the color of midnight – not very far away in the parking lot at the foot of Stone Mountain.

Hidden from prying eyes she let my fingers remove the tank top and the pair of shorts she was wearing. Along with the rainbow colored bikini she’d worn underneath her clothes.

Nor did she resist but willingly laid back on top of the bed installed in the back of my custom van and portable lair. Eagerly opening her clean shaven thighs and wrapping her arms and legs around my well hung body. As my own clothes melted away when I slipped between her welcoming thighs and took her within my arms.

Her eyes widening when she felt the silken walls of her love canal spread apart, as her wetness hungrily engulfed the entire length my rock hard cock. While the satin curves of her lips showered my face and neck with hot and wet kisses.

Again and again my hips rose and fell thrusting the shaft of my manhood ever deeper inside her body. Her sighs and moans – cries of orgasmic ecstasy – becoming all the louder and more frenzied with each and every thrust.

Until we came together as one when the shaft of my manhood leaped for joy deep inside her wetness. A shout of victory escaping from my own lips as my little head spurted a full of my seed into her fertile womb.

Only then did my lips seal around the O of her mouth as I took a long and refreshing draught of the sweetness of inner essence – her very soul. Feeding hungrily upon her youthful vitality before releasing her back into the lake of femininity; from which I’d lured her from with but a single glance into my sky blue eyes.

Refreshed and with my powers over the minds, bodies and souls of the sisteahood fully restored. I watched as the daughter of mother nature walked away from my custom van, the color of midnight, as my seed raced inside her body to fertilize her womb.